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Evermore proves unique for dining experience
Benny's Bar and Grill invites you to experience Evermore

Evermore businesses and residents take notice, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Benny’s Bar & Grill “is worth a drive to Gwinnett no matter where you live.”  Centrally located in the heart of the Evermore Business District, Benny’s is a unique and enjoyable dining experience.

Benny’s Bar and Grill opened in August of 2007 with enthusiastic reviews.  Establishing in the location formerly occupied by the Mellow Mushroom on U.S. 78, owner Mike Miller was unaware of Evermore’s pending improvements and enhancements when he signed the lease.  Mike strongly advocated, “Gwinnett was in need of a fine dining establishment, and the Snellville area was where I wanted my restaurant.” Now that Mike is in-the-know about Evermore’s plans, he is more than pleased and clearly understands how his restaurant will benefit. 

Mike has no indication that Highway 78 construction is impeding his business and supports the means to reach the end result.  Mike firmly believes that when the look of an area is improved, the visual stimulation will benefit all area businesses and neighborhoods.  Mike advises, “I am familiar with studies that demonstrate traffic patterns and when related to an area that is aesthetically pleasing, drivers do slow down”.  “If highway travelers are driving slower, the chances of capturing their attention to my business’s sign is increased”.  “Presentation is important and more businesses will want to establish here”, added Mike.

Mike Miller has been in the restaurant business for most of his adult life.  He has managed several fine dining restaurants in Midtown.  When coming up through the ranks, Mike focused his attention on learning both front-of-house and back-of-house operations in preparation for the future restaurant that he always planned to own.  When the former Mellow Mushroom facility became available, Mike knew immediately that if a full service kitchen could be accommodated, it was the place for him.

Mike proudly says, “we are good at what we do, and it just takes time to become known”.  “People are confused as they drive by and assume we are normal and everyday casual dining, but we are far from it” distinguishes Mike.  Mike believes that the area is starved for great cuisine, and that Benny’s Bar & Grill is just what Evermore needs.  “People who care about dining and good food will appreciate it,” continues Mike.  “We make it an experience - not just a meal; our menu speaks for itself.”

Benny’s Bar and Grill offers a wide variety of menu items and doesn’t conform to one particular genre.  If edibles such as Pecan Steak Salads, Chipotle Shrimp Wraps, Fried Oyster or Shrimp Po-Boys and Stuffed Green Peppers strike your fancy, then Benny’s is sure to top your list of favorites.  The menu offers something for everyone’s particular taste.  “When you are spending your hard earned money on dining out, you should encounter a pleasant atmosphere, personable pampering, and great cuisine”.  “It should be an uplifting experience and the customer should remember it fondly”, boasts Mike. 

Mike relayed that he has fielded several customer inquiries as to if there will be an accessible break in the median favorable to his restaurant.  Mike’s responds, “I don’t know specifically and if there is no provisional turn, it isn’t the end of the world.”  “Everyone will adapt to the changes, and the overall benefit will help this area tap into its true potential.”

David Stedman, Economic Development Manager for the Evermore CID says, “This is the real deal. It's a special place that lets you experience the flavor of New Orleans without the long drive. As they say in Louisiana, 'Laissez les bon temps rouler'. My mother and grandmother were from Mississippi and Louisiana, so I was raised on authentic Cajun and Creole dishes. And when it comes to that kind of food, I'm naturally very picky. Benny's delivers just the right blend of seasoning and spice, using the freshest ingredients. Everything from the bread to the main course is truly delicious."

Benny’s Bar & Grill is another viable business that invites everyone to “EXPERIENCE EVERMORE”!

Benny’s is located at 3902 Highway 78 in Snellville, GA.  A full menu and additional information about Benny’s can be found on their website at or by dialing (678) 209-0209.  Ask for Mike!


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