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Evermore CID receives 2008 Gwinnett County
Revitalization Grant

Chairman Bannister's focus on revitalization yields results

For the past several years, the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners, led by Chairman Charles Bannister's focus on revitalization, has provided additional funding to encourage investment in older areas of the county. The Evermore CID previously received Revitalization Grant funding to aid in the expansion of sewer service along U.S. 78 - a project the CID Board let to bid just this week. This year, the Evermore CID received Revitalization Grant funds to prepare several site-specific redevelopment plans.

Earlier this year, in preparation for the Gwinnett County Grant application, the Evermore CID Board of Directors participated in a process of ranking and prioritizing various properties within the Evermore Business District considered desirable for redevelopment.  With several community studies completed by the Evermore CID and various professional planning firms, the Evermore CID’s Board of Directors were well equipped to pinpoint the top five catalyst sites that would benefit from revitalization. 

As defined by the Park Place Activity Center Study completed last year, Park Place catalyst sites include the former Cub Foods and vacant Kroger properties as well as adjacent parcels within the Stone Mountain Square area.  The Board also ranked the properties surrounding the proposed Solid Rock medical development (near the Yellow River Game Ranch) within the top five, as well as Easy Street and West Side Court properties near Highpoint Road that were defined in the LCI study completed in 2004.

Dr. Alfie Meek, Director of Forecasting, Gwinnett County Economic Analysis and Development Division, attended the Evermore CID’s board meeting to present the 2008 Gwinnett County Revitalization Grant for $112,000.  “Investing in the economic vitality of our community is a basic quality of life issue and it gives me great pleasure to present this grant to the Evermore CID”, stated Meek.

The Evermore CID will provide matching grant funds and expand on work currently underway for the business district by The Bleakly Advisory Group to complete a redevelopment plan for the U.S. 78 corridor.  Upon approval by Gwinnett County, the Evermore CID, Bleakly Advisory Group and planning firm JJ&G will prepare detailed plans and analysis for the five target revitalization sites to attract private investment.


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